Sustav videonadzora

Sustav videonadzora

The modern art of video surveillance

Our video surveillance portfolio ensures you don’t miss a thing. These products give you maximum awareness, while minimizing the risk of costly false alarms.

We offer dome and bodied cameras (both with IP variants), lenses, digital video management systems, matrix systems, pan & tilt heads, housings and accessories. As with all Siemens products, the latest manufacturing techniques are used to ensure exceptional quality.

These products are designed to complement our access control and intruder detection portfolios, and are optimized for both installer and end user. Integration with our SiPass access control systems ensures full interoperability as standard. What’s more, we provide convenient remote access via web browser or smartphone.

We can supply all Siemens CCTV product based on analog or IP Technology for video surveillance.

Most Popular Siemens DVR and IP network video solutions are:

  • Sistore AX
  • Sistore MX
  • Sistore NVS
  • Sistore Vectis