Vatrodojava Siemens Cerberus Pro

Vatrodojava Siemens Cerberus Pro

Cerberus PRO from Siemens is the powerful yet straightforward fire protection system, whose wide range of products provides innovative technology with extensive safety features. It is distributed exclusively by a network of approved Siemens Solutions Partners, who are trained to design, supply, install, commission and maintain the CerberusPRO products, without direct intervention by Siemens. Just like the existing range, the new detectors again ensure very fast and highly reliable fire detection, alarm signalling, and control, even in the most demanding environments. The advanced signal processing of ASAtechnology, combined with the detectors’ selectable parameter sets, ensures accurate detection of the fire criteria – smoke, heat and now, carbon monoxide. This ensures the maximum protection of people and property, while minimising the possibility of false alarm.

The new ASA neural fire detector (OOH740) and ASA neural fire and CO detector (OOHC740) both have the capability of earliest detection of flaming fires caused by the combustion of liquid and solid matters. They are especially suited to exacting applications such as data centres, IT and telecommunications equipment, hospitals and nursing homes, restaurants, canteens and kitchens, car repair shops and garages and industrial production facilities. Or, in fact, any other environment where absolute safety without the distraction of unwanted alarms, is vital.

They are also immune to deceptive phenomena such as machine exhaust gases, industrial dust or steam. As a result, they eliminate unwanted alarms that otherwise would cause unnecessary and costly interruptions and delays. The new carbon monoxide sensor ensures earliest detection of all CO-generating fires. It can detect the gas independently from fire thanks to its autonomous carbon monoxide alarm channel. Moreover, the carbon monoxide parameter sets, which comply with Life Safety norms, can be set separately from the ASA parameter sets.

Clever Detection Technology.

Both detectors contain two optical sensors with forward and backward scattering, as well as two thermal sensors. This means that they can be used as multi-sensor fire detectors, smoke detectors or heat detectors. At the core of the detectors are pre-programmed ASA parameter sets. From highly sensitive to very robust, it is possible to select the parameter set that meets the anticipated environmental conditions of each individual detection area.

In operation, the signals recorded by the sensor are converted into mathematical components using algorithms and compared with pre-programmed values. With the selection of an ASA parameter set, the algorithms can be influenced and the fire detector set to the expected influences and individual risks. The optimal parameter set is selected, taking the individual risks and the detector’s immediate environment into account. Interpretation of the situation in real time results in the selected ASA parameter set being dynamically adapted. This automatically shifts its optimum application range. Consequently, the detector reacts more sensitively in the event of a fire and more forcefully in response to deceptive phenomena. The result is unique fire detection with unprecedented reliability against such deceptive conditions. It also offers real flexibility if usage of any area changes, the existing detector can be re-programmed with a new parameter set appropriate to its new operating conditions.

A Broad Portfolio with Complementary Options.

Cerberus PRO comprises different control panels, fire detectors, peripheral devices, and accessories – all of which have smart, unique safety features (such as built-in turbo isolators, degrade mode, standby functionality etc.). The system includes a broad range of detectors for any type of fire as well as for carbon monoxide concentrations. They are powered and communicate via the C-NET. The detector line-up is completed by specialist devices such as linear smoke detectors, aspirating smoke detectors as well as those for explosion-protected zones.

Linear smoke detectors are the ideal choice in areas with limited access such as high-bay warehouses or atria where ‘point-type’ detectors can be impractical. Cerberus PRO linear smoke detectors work on a reflection principle, which means that they only have to be connected at one end, saving on cabling and installation costs. Areas containing highly flammable materials, such as engine test beds or combustible stores, are better covered with flame detectors. The Cerberus PRO flame detector range includes both single channel IR for simple applications as well as 3-channel IR for areas with deceptive phenomena such as halogen lamps, bright sunlight or welding. Cerberus PRO naturally offers a selection of detectors and other peripheral devices that can be used to protect areas subject to explosion hazards such as oil refineries, flour mills or battery rooms. Aspirating smoke detectors are ideal for areas such as computer suites that require very high sensitivity, areas that have limited accessibility or complex structures such as high, automated storage facilities. With LaserFOCUS, an active air sampling smoke detector with display, which can be used for highest sensitivities down to 0.025%/m, Cerberus PRO offers an integrated solution for the earliest fire detection in critical areas.

From Stand-alone to Networkable Control Panels.

Its uniform hardware concept facilitates the planning process and even expansion of the network at a later time. Even large, campus-wide networks can be easily realised with little additional planning. Floor repeater terminals are loop-powered directly on the C-NET, saving cabling and installation costs (the system’s “distributed” intelligence enabling the use of unshielded cables). This also means less planning for connection and power supply. They display system status and events at floor level and enhance user convenience, as visibility can be configured individually. Terminals FT2010 and FT2011 also enhance safety because they remain functional, even in case of an open or short circuit.

Cerberus PRO can be readily integrated into an existing IT network. The backbone of the systems is an innovative, EN 54-approved industrial LAN network that offers increased planning flexibility, allowing the networking of up to 64 panels. Two independent, EN 54-approved Ethernet switches are all that is needed to connect one cluster with up to 16 panels to a fibre-optic backbone. Up to 14 clusters can be connected in this way and since these are then seen as a single network, one central access point is sufficient to connect the remote transmission to a pager system, the emergency services and a danger management system.
Commissioning of the system is simple thanks to auto-configuration. This also enables immediate fire protection during a building’s construction and thereby assists in its on-time completion. Enhanced remote operating functions are available for system diagnosis and monitoring, thus saving time and costs by reducing on-site visits when the system is operational.

As a company, Siemens is renowned for the innovation, technological leadership and quality of its products, systems, software and services. It was the first to offer automatic fire detectors and its products are backed by decades of experience and expertise. Siemens will continue to extend the Cerberus PRO product offering – with compatibility of all future add-ons an integral part of that process. This ensures that Cerberus PRO fire protection systems from Siemens are a safe investment, not only initially but also, importantly, over the entre lifecycle of the building.